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     The past twenty years have given rise to one certainty about taxes, and that is, that the income tax environment will always be uncertain!

      Tax law changes have accelerated dramatically. It is now expected that changing economic conditions will continue to result in new tax legislation, and that the controlling mentality believes that economic and social progress can best be shaped by monetary and tax policy. The result is a tax bill every couple of years, followed by add-on legislation which attempts to correct problems caused by the legislation itself or to clarify ambiguities created by the vast and exceedingly complex interplay between the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury's regulations and reality.

      With this increased change of pace, personal tax planning must now be more flexible, highly responsive to new circumstances and much more tactical in its approach. As a result, tax management must be more comprehensive, integrating business strategies with personal ones. Every financial decision, whether it is to accept or defer income, which savings vehicles to employ, what investment opportunities to pursue or, deciding which insurance contracts offer the greatest advantage . . . must now include an appropriate analysis which allows the taxpayer to easily understand the tax consequences and be able to compare them to other available alternatives.

      Our business and personal advisory services put the knowledge of tax law and the impact of tax decisions ahead of everything. However, we are not so naive as to believe that successful tax management requires only knowledge of tax codes or regulations. It requires detailed knowledge about each of our client's circumstances and their particular goals.

We take a proprietary view of our clients' tax liabilities and of the wealth accumulation potential that results from every tax savings opportunity we present. We strongly believe that despite the complexities of tax analysis, solutions must be practical, and that our responses to clients' questions must not only be timely and accurate, but must be clearly understandable . . . capable of being implemented without delay.