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     In today's environment, many personal financial decisions are "reactive" to circumstances that arise rather than being responsive components of an overall plan. Unfortunately, many times this leads to results which fall short of the individual's needs or desires, or, as importantly, fails to take advantage of a valuable opportunity.

     A good financial plan begins with clarifying personal and financial goals and objectives related to one's:

• Current Lifestyle
• Long-term Lifestyle
• Educational Needs
• Retirement Plans
• Charitable Intentions
• Estate & Gift Desires

     A concurrent step involves the analysis of one's present financial position regarding:

• Net Worth
• Cash Flow
• Debt Structure
• Investment Portfolio
• Insurance Portfolio
• Estate Plans

     From these two steps the initial course can be charted to achieve specific results to:

• Improve Cash Flow
• Enhance Asset Mix & Utilization
• Reduce Risk Exposure
• Manage Debt
• Increase Investment Results
• Establish Financial Independence
• Realize Tax Savings
• Preserve Peace of Mind

     As complete as this appears, good personal financial planning is not an event, but rather an ongoing process. From a strong foundation, a good financial plan becomes a flexible instrument, where monitoring results and reevaluating objectives in response to changing circumstances, the plan fulfills existing and developing needs and captures the benefits of evolving opportunities.

     Kaylor Accountancy is a Charles Schwab Institutional advisory firm and as such is able to offer clients all of the available Schwab services on a very low cost, fee only basis. As a Schwab investment manager, we are able to offer our clients an alternative to the traditional brokerage relationship and at the same time maintain the continuity and consistency of their investment policy. We provide detailed asset allocation analysis and maintenance throughout the investment cycle ensuring that our clients are positioned to receive optimal investment results. We try whenever possible to implement the clients investment strategies through the use of low cost and no-load products.

      We feel that in many cases insurance products should be viewed and measured as investment products and should first and foremost match our clients' needs. We strongly believe there is an appropriate time and place to utilize the benefits of a well designed insurance product. While we do not "sell" any insurance products, we work very closely with experienced insurance professionals in designing products from reputable companies that not only match our clients' needs but also have a very low cost structure.

      In these areas we are very proactive in effecting and maintaining relationships with reputable companies and outside professionals that on a net result is a large cost savings to our clients.