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     The ability to understand and interpret financial performance is one of the most important factors in managing a business effectively.

     While we do not provide any attestation services, our experienced staff is able to provide financial consulting services that organizations require.

     Our accounting services focus on the specific needs and users of an organization's financial statements. We assist in presenting the financial statements in a manner that will allow bankers and investors to fully analyze an organization's historical performance and at the same time will allow the organization's owners and managers to understand its dynamic financial position.

     We stress the fact that the financial statements belong to the organization and that our role is to perform the necessary compliance functions to assist in presenting those financial statements in a manner conducive to the organization's financial and operational goals and objectives.

     If audit review or compiled financial statements are required, we facilitate our clients by providing competitive bid processing and support only staffing at more economical rates than are provided by larger regional or national firms.

      Businesses prosper over the long term when they have in place a prudent business plan, a strong system of controls, and timely access to internal management and financial information.

      No company begins with all these components in place. They develop through the lessons learned of trial and error and the pressures of outgrowing one style of functioning and adopting a new one.

      A key factor in this process is the continual evaluation of whether it is more effective to develop capacities internally or rely on resources from trusted outside advisors.

      Both as a response to that decision dilemma and as a natural outgrowth of the kind of relationship that traditionally develop with clients, our Business Advisory Services were formalized.

      Business Advisory Services are best defined by a long menu of possible areas of need. Our role is to help businesses diagnose potential shortfalls or missing pieces and then design and deliver the resources to fill the gaps.


• Budget

• Cash Management

• Cost Accounting

• Management Reporting

• Product Profitability Analysis

• Compensation/Benefits Analysis

• Work Simplification Analysis

• Current Financing Analysis

• Risk Management Analysis

• Payroll/Labor Distribution

• General Ledger/Controls

• Leas/Buy Analysis

• Long Range Financial Plan

• Sales Analysis

• Accounts Payable/Receivable

• Retirement Plan Funding Analysis

• Business Succession Analysis

• Business Contingency Analysis